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Challenge Update – April 2009

May 2, 2009


I didn’t read as many books in April as I had in the previous two months. I purposely took my time reading Kiss of Fury, in the hopes of getting caught up with my reviews. Didn’t happen.  None of the books listed below have a review as of today.

I completed one challenge this month, the Naming Conventions Challenge. I wasn’t sure I’d finish it. The books I picked with “I” titles weren’t grabbing me. Into the Fire by Anne Stuart is the last book for the challenge. I’ll make the review my second priority, right after The Man Behind the Cop.

Also this month, I joined two more challenges: Anne Stuart Read-a-Fest and the Summer Vacation Reading. The Anne Stuart started already, but the Summer Vacation kicks off on the 22nd.

Starting with April, I’ll list the breakdown first, then list the challenges.

The Breakdown:

  • Kiss of Fury – 2nd,  A-Z
  • Into the Fire – Anne Stuart, Countdown, Naming Conventions
  • Karma Girl – 1st, A-Z,  Countdown
  • The Magnate’s Indecent Proposal – A-Z, New Author

All books count toward the Year of the Reader Challenge

2008-2009 Challenges
Countdown: 23/45
Naming Conventions: 9/9 — COMPLETED
Series Challenge Season 3: 0/??

2009 Challenges
1st in Series: 3/12
2nds Challenge: 5/12
A-Z Challenge (Authors): 14/26
Anne Stuart Read-a-Fest: 1/??
A Year of Readers: $40.00 (20 books)
Contemporary Romance: 1/12
Chunkster: 2/??
Harlequin/Silhouette Romance: 3/5
New Author Challenge: 7/12
Pub 2009: 5/9
Romance Reading: 4/5
Summer Vacation: 0/6
Themed Reading: 1/4
Third Times A Charm: 0/3
Victorian: 1/4
What’s in a Name 2: 3/6
Year of the Category: 3/12

Perpetual Challenges
Georgette Heyer: 1

Total (Month): 4
Grand Total (Year): 20

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 3, 2009 8:45 am

    Good job on completing a challenge. That’s always a good boost.

    • misscz permalink
      May 4, 2009 9:06 pm

      Thanks! It was fun picking out books. I’m just glad I finally found a book, for that second “i” requirement, that held my interest longer than 50 pages.

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