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On the plus side. . .

April 13, 2009

Being behind on reviews has had an unexpected plus side.

By having that gap between finishing the book and when I actually sit down to put my thoughts on paper, I have a better take on which books stay with me.  Since I have to refresh my memory on some points, I usually have to do a little re-reading.  If I really love the book, I tend to keep reading after I found whatever it was that prompted me to refer to the book.  That’s a bit annoying, since I should be writing, not reading.  The harder it is for me to put aside the book, the more likely the book is going to be a 5-star book, flaws and all.

With that in mind, I’m going to go ahead and give ratings to the books I’ve already posted.  I’ll eventually update the individual review posts.  Reminder: anything I give a 3-Star or above is a guarantee that I will try other books from the author.

Five Stars:  LOVED!

  • Dawnkeepers (Jessica Andersen)
  • Bedded for Diamonds (a.k.a. Priceless) (Kelly Hunter)
  • Ravenous (Sharon Ashwood)
  • Dark Crusade (Lori Devoti)

Four Stars: Liked a lot!

  • Driven (Eve Kenin)
  • An Unladylike Offer (Christine Merrill)
  • Ace is Wild (Penny McCall)

Three Stars: Enjoyable Read

  • Slave to Sensation (Nalini Singh)
  • Cousin Kate (Georgette Heyer)
  • Shadow Game (Christine Feehan)
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