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Challenge Update – March 2009

April 4, 2009


I’m behind — waaay behind — on writing reviews. None of the books I’ve read in March have a review, as of today. One of the side effect of this is that  my count for two challenges — Year of the Category and Contemporary Romance — will be a month behind, since I don’t know which book will count for which month.

2008-2009 Challenges
Countdown: 21/45
Naming Conventions: 8/9
Series Challenge Season 3: 0/??

2009 Challenges
1st in Series: 3/12
2nds Challenge: 4/12
A-Z Challenge (Authors): 11/26
A Year of Readers: $32.00 (16 books)
Contemporary Romance: 1/12
Chunkster: 2/??
Harlequin/Silhouette Romance: 3/5
New Author Challenge: 5/12
Pub 2009: 5/9
Reading My Name: 2/2 — Completed!
Romance Reading: 4/5
Themed Reading: 1/4
Third Times A Charm: 0/3
Victorian: 1/4
What’s in a Name 2: 3/6
Year of the Category: 3/12

Perpetual Challenges
Georgette Heyer: 1

Total (Month): 6
Grand Total (Year): 16

The Breakdown:

  • Shadow Game – 1st, A-Z, Countdown, New Author, Reading My Name
  • Dark Crusade – A-Z, Countdown, Pub 2009 , Year of the Category**
  • Silent on the Moor – A-Z, Chunkster, Countdown, Victorian, Pub 2009
  • The Man Behind the Cop – A-Z,  Contemporary**, Year of the Category**
  • Wanted:  White Wedding – A-Z, H/S, Contemporary**, Year of the Category**
  • Magic Strikes – Pub 2009, Countdown

All books count toward the Year of the Reader Challenge

** == Not counted in this month’s total for this challenge

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