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Year of the Category Challenge

December 24, 2008


What: Year of the Category Challenge
When: January – December 2009
Who: KMont (Lurv à la Mode)
Rules: Quoted straight from her website:

1. Book reviews can be posted any time during the last week of each month. I want this to be as relaxed as possible, so no set day other than during that week.

2. You can choose a new or old category romance to read/review from ANY of Harlequin or Silouhette’s lines. I’ve been perusing the line names on their ebook site. So Harlequin Blaze, Historical, Presents, Superromance or Silhouette Desire, Nocturne, etc. – it all goes.

3. Please indicate clearly in the title of your review that it belongs with this reading challenge. Elsie’s Year of the Category #2, or Year of the Category: The Billionaire Boy Band’s Drummer and the Waitress Who Served Him.

4. No restrictions or any such nonsense on the reviews – write ‘em however you want, but I would appreciate efforts made at more than a three-line paragraph.

5. Please link back to this post when you do a Year of the Category review or I may post a list of participants and you can link that one if you prefer.

I would offer a prize…and I will! In order to be eligible for it, you have to have reviewed one category romance a month following the rules above. I’ll check with the links you use back to this blog. The winner has a chance at a $50 Amazon gift card, or B&N or Borders if that is their choice. If more than one challenger is eligible, we’ll do a drawing for it. Who knows, I may add more prizes too. Might not. Wheeeee!

I reserve the right to change or alter or add rules as my coffee-deprived mind thinks of them. But I promise not to do that a lot. Really. It might not happen at all. Seriously.

I do hope though that this challenge will just be fun, as it seems to me that that’s what category romances are all about. I’ve got all but one of my twelve titles picked out. So you get ta cracking too! Please sign up in comments if you wish to participate  and don’t forget to link back every time you write those reviews! Pretty please.

Yeah.  Another one.  The challenge, for me, will be posting the review at the end of the month.  I have not made a list (she doesn’t require one up front, thank goodness),  but I’m pretty sure the October 2009 will be a Nocturne and  December 2009 book will be a Christmas anthology. 😉

Progress will be tracked here.

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