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Series Challenge Season 2 Wrap-Up

November 30, 2008


What: Series Challenge – 2nd Season
When: 1 June – 30 November 2008
Who: Kathrin (Crazy Cozy Murders)

Well, I did better than I thought I would. Kathrin is hosting Season 3, starting on 1 December. It will be a year long challenge this time, ending 30 November 2009.  I will do a separate post with a new list of books.  It will include the series I did not get to this time.

I completed one series by P. B. Ryan and I’m caught up with Ms. Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey mystery series.  The third book, Silent on the Moor, is due in March 2009.

Thanks, Kathrin, for hosting this challenge!

Books in RED are on more than one list/alternate list:

Gilded Age Mystery (P. B. Ryan)

  • Murder on Black Friday (4th) {7 Jun 08} (REVIEW)
  • Murder in the North End (5th) {7 Jun 08} (REVIEW)
  • A Bucket of Ashes (6th & Final) {9 Jun 08} (REVIEW)

Lady Julia Grey (Deanna Raybourn)

  • Silent in the Sanctuary (2nd) {11 Nov 08} (REVIEW)
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