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Romance Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

September 1, 2008

Thanks to Naida (the bookworm) for hosting this challenge

My list (Books in RED are on more than one list/alternate list):

  • The Fortune Hunter (Diane Farr) {10 May 08} (REVIEW)
  • Killing Time (Linda Howard) {4 May 08} (DNF)
  • Tag, You’re it! (Penny McCall) {1 Feb 08} (REVIEW)
  • Knights of the Round Table: Lancelot by Gwen Rowley {26 Apr 08} (DNF)
  • Wife For a Week by Kelly Hunter {30 Jun 08} (REVIEW)
  • My Fair Gentleman by Jan Freed {18 Aug 08} (REVIEW)
  • The Tycoon’s Princess Bride by Natasha Oakley {23 Jul 08} (REVIEW)

The goal was to read five romances, regardless of sub-genre, by the end of the year.  And though nearly every book I’ve read so far this year could have counted, I stuck to what was on the list. I enjoyed all five that I completed, giving only 4 or 5 stars.

Wife For a Week and The Tycoon’s Princess Bride were my first two Harlequin PresentsWife was humorous and Tycoon was very moving, I thought.  I like the authors’ writing styles and will read them again.

Ms. Freed and Ms. Farr no longer write, I believe.  I discovered their books thanks to reviews on All About Romance.  I have most, if not all, of Ms. Farr’s backlist, and I found one of Ms. Freed’s other Superromance.  As for Ms. McCall, I have her other two books.

Would I join a similar challenge?  Yes.  I like the short list coupled with the year long reading window.  It allows for me to either finish it quickly or space out the books.

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