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BTT: Spring Reading

April 24, 2008

Do your reading habits change in the Spring? Do you read gardening books? Even if you don’t have a garden? More light fiction than during the Winter? Less? Travel books? Light paperbacks you can stick in a knapsack?

Or do you pretty much read the same kinds of things in the Spring as you do the rest of the year?

This is only the third year that I’m tracking what I read. After looking over my notes, I can say that, generally, my reading material is not influenced by the season — except the Winter holiday season, of course. It seems strange to read Christmas stories in July. Oh, and I chose to read some paranormals I’d been curious about around Halloween. I don’t know if I’ll plan it that way again, unless it’s part of a challenge.

Having said that, I remembered (and was reminded by my notes) that I chose to read Jane Austen during the Spring of 2006 and 2007. I was also reading two books at a time, back then, and the other books were chosen (probably) based on my mood or just because they were radically different from Austen (i.e., Glory in Death, Star Wars books in 2006). This year, I haven’t done that, mostly because my goals are different. I want to read more books that were published this year, instead of being perpetually behind. Something had to be sacrificed, and I’m afraid it was Jane.

I’m not an outdoor person. I’m not interested in gardening. I don’t like reading outside and much prefer to be cool and comfortable inside, maybe with all the windows open to let a breeze in (providing that it’s cool enough). I’m fair-skinned, so beach reading would be doubly out of the question.

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