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Reading Challenge Update – Jan & Feb

March 4, 2008

So far….

  • The Pub2008: 2 books (goal – 9)
  • Reading My Name: 1 book (goal – 2)
  • TBR: 2 books (goal – 12)
  • Themed: 2 books (goal – 4)
  • Romance Reading: 1 book ( goal – 5)
  • What’s in a Name?: 1 book (goal – 6)
  • Back to History: 1 book (goal – 12)
  • 1st in Series: 3 books (goal – 12)
  • A to Z: 5 authors, 3 titles (goal – 52 total)

I read, and reviewed, nine books in the first two months. Below, I’ve listed how they counted toward the challenges:


  • Death on Beacon Hill (TBR, A-Z Author)
  • State of the Onion (1st, Pub2008, A-Z Title)
  • Crusader’s Lady (Themed, History, A-Z Title)
  • Guardian’s Keep (Pub2008, A-Z Author)


  • Tag, You’re It! (Romance, A-Z Author)
  • Night Life (Elizabeth Guest) (1st, Reading My Name, A-Z Titles)
  • Black Ice (1st, What’s in a Name, A-Z Author)
  • Silent in the Grave (TBR)
  • A Lady of Rare Quality (Themed, A-Z Author)

Also, there were two books that I started and did not finish. They are not counted toward any challenges, but I have it listed for reference purposes:

  • Forbidden Lady (Themed, History)
  • Proof (1st in Series)

See the following pages for links to the reviews:

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