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2008 Master Reading List

Personal Goal: 60 books
Harlequin Imprint Ratio: 25/46 (54%)
** = Harlequin Imprint

01. Death on Beacon Hill (Ryan, P. B.) (REVIEW)
02. State of the Onion (Hyzy, Julie) (REVIEW)
03. Crusader’s Lady (Banning, Lynna) (REVIEW) **
04. Guardian’s Keep (Devoti, Lori) (REVIEW) **
05. Tag, You’re It! (McCall, Penny) (REVIEW)
06. Night Life (Guest, Elizabeth) (REVIEW)
07. Black Ice (Anne Stuart) (REVIEW) **
08. Silent in the Grave (Deanna Raybourn) (REVIEW) **
09. A Lady of Rare Quality (Anne Ashley) (REVIEW) **
10. The Spymaster’s Lady (Joanna Bourne) (REVIEW)
11. Darth Bane: Path of Destruction (Drew Karpyshyn) (Review)
12. Rising Wind (Cindy Holby) (REVIEW)
13. The Inconvenient Duchess (Christine Merrill) (REVIEW) **
14. Magic Burns (Ilona Andrews) (REVIEW)
15. April Lady (Georgette Heyer) (REVIEW) **
16. My Lady’s Prisoner (Ann Elizabeth Cree) (REVIEW) **
17. Ill Wind (Rachel Caine) (REVIEW)
18. The Fortune Hunter (Diane Farr) (REVIEW)
19. Death at Rottingdean (Robin Paige) (REVIEW)
20. Dark Deceiver (Pamela Palmer) (REVIEW) **
21. Wild Hunt (Lori Devoti) (REVIEW) **
22. Murder on Gramercy Park (Victoria Thompson) (REVIEW)
23. To Hell With Love by (Sherri Erwin) (REVIEW)
24. Murder on Black Friday (P. B. Ryan) (REVIEW)
25. Murder in the North End (P. B. Ryan) (REVIEW)
26. A Bucket of Ashes (P. B. Ryan) (REVIEW)
27. The Good Liar (Laura Caldwell) (REVIEW) **
28. Wife for a Week (Kelly Hunter) (REVIEW) **
29. Texas Ransom (Amanda Stevens) (REVIEW) **
30. Allegiance (Timothy Zahn) (REVIEW)
31. The Tycoon’s Princess Bride (Natasha Oakley) (REVIEW) **
32. Kiss of Fire (Deborah Cooke) (REVIEW)
33. My Fair Gentleman (Jan Freed) (REVIEW) **
34. Royal Lockdown (Rebecca York) (REVIEW) **
35. Twist (Colby Hodge) (REVIEW)
36. Haunted (Lisa Childs) (REVIEW) **
37. Personal Demons (Stacia Kane) (REVIEW)
38. Possessed (Stephanie Doyle) (REVIEW) **
39. Nightkeepers (Jessica Andersen) (REVIEW)
40. The Devil’s Footprints (Amanda Stevens) (REVIEW) **
41. Hallowe’en Husbands (Anthology) (REVIEW) **
42. Silent in the Sanctuary (Deanna Raybourn) (REVIEW) **
43. Snowbound (Janice Kay Johnson) (REVIEW) **
44. Holiday with a Vampire II ( Anthology) (REVIEW) **
45. The Mistletoe Wager (Christine Merrill) (REVIEW) **
46. Christmas Getaway (Anthology) (REVIEW) **

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