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Her Kind of Trouble

September 26, 2007

Her Kind of Trouble

Her Kind of Trouble

Author: Evelyn Vaughn
ISBN: 0-373-51331-3 (Silhouette Bombshell)
Finished: 23 September 2007
Who: Dr. Magdalene Sanger and Alexander Rothschild Stuart III
2nd in the Grail Keepers trilogy

Summary: Mysterious strangers, warnings at sword point, threats of bodily harm. . . all this effort to make me leave Egypt has made me more determined than ever to find the legendary Isis Cup and keep it out of the wrong hands. After all, I’m Maggi Sanger, full-time college professor, sometimes grail hunter and all-round stubborn woman who won’t be pushed around. And things are getting even more complicated. The local women want my help, my exasperating ex wants me to marry him and the bad guys want me dead. It’ll take some quick thinking and new allies to get me out of Egypt alive. . .

Comments: The story picks up shortly after A. K. A. Goddess. Lex has recuperated from the ordeal at the end of the first book. He and Maggi are dating, though it still rough. Honoring solemn vows is normally a good trait to look for in your significant other; however, when it involves a secret, goddess grail-hating society, it tends to put a strain on a relationship.

Maggi receives a phone call from Rhys Pritchard, in Egypt participating in a dig, informing her that someone tried to run him down. There is a strong possibility that the Isis Cup may be buried at that site, and Rhys may have been targeted for this reason. That’s enough incentive for Maggi to head out immediately.

Egypt, a country that once worshiped a goddess and was ruled by one of the most famous queens in all history, is now a country who’s primary religion isn’t big on empowering women. Naturally, Maggi encounters trouble before she’s even been in-country 24 hours. Though goddess worship and woman power may have been stamped out, the lines of grail keepers have managed to successfully passed down their lore from generation to generation, as Maggi learns to her great surprise.

Also returning from the first book, and with a slightly bigger roll, is Catrina Dauvergne. Though her actions in the first book were wrong, her anger at Maggi has some justification. Maggi’s actions can jeopardize archaeological projects, current and future. Catrina is as serious about her job as Maggi is about hers. Maggi grudgingly comes to understand and respect that, even if she can’t totally forgive her for what she did with the Melusine Chalice.

There is a secondary plot involving a custody battle between a British woman and her Egyptian ex-husband.

All in all, I enjoyed the book just as much as the first one. I particularly like the part when Maggi sets off to save the day, with Rhys and Catrina tagging along.

Favorite quotes:
“You could threaten them with a squeegee.”
– Catrina

“Are you sure this is wise?”
“Just checking.”
– Rhys, Maggi

“Catrina, please get the scorpions.”
– Maggi

Liked A Lot

Liked A Lot

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