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A. K. A. Goddess

September 22, 2007
AKA Goddess

AKA Goddess

Author: Evelyn Vaughn
ISBN: 0-373-51321-6 (Silhouette Bombshell)
Finished: 16 September 2007
Who: Dr. Magdalene Sanger and Alexander Rothschild Stuart III
1st in the Grail Keepers trilogy

From the back: Reporting a break-in, avoiding my overprotective ex-lover, dodging dangerous men out to kill me . . . not exactly a typical day for a comparative mythology professor. So how did I, Maggi Sanger, get mixed up in all this? It started with a family legend that connects me to a goddess and charges me with recovering the grail she hid away ages ago. Apparently some powerful people heard the story and are bent on destroying the grail at any cost. — including my life. Now I have to find it before the enemy closes in . . .

Comments: What I liked: Everything. Maggi. Alex. Rhys. Even Catrina (I’m far enough into Her Kind of Trouble — and I know she’s the heroine of Lost Calling — to know there’s more to her than her than what we see in this book). My knowledge of grail lore is practically non-existent. Indiana Jones and Monty Python, I think, pretty much sums it up. I thought the goddess grails was a great concept for a book series. I liked the blending of history and lore.

Since Alex, or Lex, is hardly in the book, I thought the flashbacks were a nice touch. It gave the reader an understanding of what the two of them have been through — Lex particularly — and shows that Maggi has been by his side through some rough times. If I had to compare Lex to another fictional male, I’d say he’s a lot like Roarke (from J. D. Robb’s In Death): rich, powerful, can have any woman he wants. It turns out the heroine is that woman. But he has secrets and can be a jerk, too. Kind of hard to like the guy, if you didn’t know him the way Maggi does. Since the book is written in first person, you’re only going to see him through her eyes.

One thing I noticed that was interesting, that set the bad guys apart from the Grail Keepers: biological status. Maggi overhears a conversation between two of the bad guys. It turns out that one of them isn’t the biological son of a man with connections to the secret, goddess grail-hating, society. It goes badly for him when he admits this to his colleague. On the other hand, the Grail Keepers accept adopted children as one of their own — with a right to their legacy. Even the son of a Grail Keeper was taught along with his sisters. One society is narrow-minded and rigid, the other more accepting and inclusive.

I definitely recommend this book if your looking for a strong heroine and action.

Four Stars

Liked A Lot

2007 Top Ten Award

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