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Raintree: Sanctuary

August 16, 2007

 Sanctuary War with their arch-rival, the evil Ansara clan, is unavoidable. For Mercy Raintree, the war means she must assume her position as guardian of the Sanctuary — the sacred Raintree home place deep in the Smoky Mountains. But doing so threatens to disclose her most prized secret — one Mercy has kept to herself for six years.

3rd in the Raintree trilogy
Author: Beverly Barton
ISBN: 0-373-61766-6 (Silhouette Nocturne)
Finished/Tossed: 14 August 2007

First off, let me repeat myself and say that I really liked the world-building that went into the trilogy: the history, the societies, and the powers of the Raintree and Ansara. Barton painted a different picture of the Ansara — from their viewpoints — then what we knew about them from the standpoint of the Raintrees. Not all Ansara are like Tabby and Cael. There are people like Sidra and Claude. Especially Claude. Rational, level-headed, and surprisingly open-minded.

Dante, Lorna, Gideon and Hope got some “page time” in this book, and the ladies got their chance to join the battle and help the best way they could: Hope shot at people, and Lorna resorted to some rock throwing. 🙂 I was surprised that the battle got as much page time as it did. I half-expected it to be very sketchy and it pleased me that it was as long as it was: not overdrawn and not just a few scant paragraphs. Even the resolution to the conflict was satisfying.

However. . .

Judah and Mercy. I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. I can’t see why Mercy was in love with Judah. I almost stopped reading. Only my desire to see the otherwise great story concept through to the end kept me from tossing the book aside. The final straw — the part that almost made me put the book down — was the incident at the end of Chapter 13/beginning of Chapter 14. That’s out-right rape. She told him no; she was actually running away. Judah was taking her, no matter what.

I could go on, but it would be ranting.

Did Not Like


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