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June 30, 2007


2nd in the Last Chance, Inc. Trilogy
Author: Dee Davis
ISBN: 0-373-77048-0 (HQN Books)
Finished 27 June 2007
Who: Samantha Waters, ATF agent and Payton Reynolds, operative

From the back: Samantha Waters was no hotshot, just damn good at her job. And as the best bomb specialist around, she was the logical choice for the elite crime-fighting squad Last Chance, Inc.

Comments: The book starts off much the same way as Endgame, except we’ve already know a little about the hero, Payton Reynolds. I liked Payton better Gabe. Payton is a much quieter person. I also like Sam more than Madison. I’m probably biased because Sam and I have something in common: we’re both daughters of career military men. And I absolutely loved Sam’s mom, Elizabeth. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have any favorite quotes!

I don’t think I can say it enough, but I love how Davis unfolds her plots. Going in this time, we knew a little more about the bad guy’s motives, but it didn’t take away from the mystery. I was really into the story, feeling the frustration right along with J.T. as his plans kept going astray, and along with Last Chance as they tried to connect the wrong dots.

It’s an occupational hazard (I’m a Human Resources Specialist – Military, a civilian that takes care of military personnel actions), but any time I come across something regarding the Army that feels off, I look into it. I don’t deal with the ordnance specialties very often, so I didn’t’ know for sure if it was possible (had she wanted to) for Sam to follow her father’s footsteps in the Army. Some jobs are closed to females and I couldn’t recall one way or the other. So I pulled out my trusty assignment and utilization regulation and looked it up. I was mildly surprised to learn that, yes, she could have been joined EOD.

This was slightly longer review, but I didn’t want to bore potential readers of this review with my speculations regarding the Army career paths of Gabe, Kevin, and Payton, prior to them becoming Delta operators. Sorry, occupational hazard again.

Something that made me pause: The covers. The first and third books have shadowy couples, but Enigma has only a woman (Samantha, presumably). Why the difference? Where’s Payton?

Favorite Quotes:
“How often does a woman get to go incognito? I feel like Mata Hari or someone.”
– Elizabeth Waters

“Secret agent phones. I love it.”
– Elizabeth Waters

“Heavens, I’ll be knee deep in men. Not that I’m complaining.”
— Elizabeth Waters

Enjoyed it!

Enjoyed it!

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