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Flashback: Clone Wars – Jedi Trial

June 21, 2007

Because of a shortage of available Jedi knights, the inexperienced Anakin Skywalker and the disgraced Nejaa Halcyon are sent to the planet Praesitlyn, at the head of a small fleet and army of clone warriors. Praesitlyn is under attack by a horde of combat droids under banker-turned-admiral Pors Tonith, and defended by freelance military commander Capt. Zozridor Slayke, who has a personal score to settle with Jedi Halcyon. Meanwhile, the Republic’s original defenders have left some tough survivors behind, such as fighter pilot Erk H’Arman and recon trooper Odie Subu.

5th Clone Wars Novel
Era: Republic, 19.5 years Before the Battle of Yavin/30 months After the Battle of Geonosis
Authors: David Sherman and Dan Cragg
ISBN: 0-345-46115-0 (Del Rey)
Tossed: 11 June 2006

Book was better than some of the earlier novels, but I still didn’t finish it. The authors write military fiction. Oddly, I found it easy to read and it’s not the reason I didn’t finish the book. It was the lack of character. Erk and Odie, a male pilot and a female recon scout, could have been more interesting, but the pacing never allowed for the reader to get to know them. I skimmed the book, and I know they spend most of the book together in near constant peril. We are never privy to their inner feelings, from what I could see.

Anakin got a bit of character development. He’s left at the Temple to study, while Obi-Wan is given a solo mission. He meets Neeja Halycron during one of his study breaks, and the pair become sparring partners. The Jedi Master is almost as easygoing as Qui-Gon and a friendship develops. Neeja and the Rodian, Grudo, help mold Anakin into a more involved field commander, instead of just reacting to events. The encounter with the quartermaster is humorous: Anakin listened patiently to the man and resolved to go back to his own quarters to re-read the reports.

I got far enough into the book to know that Neeja blurts out the fact he’s married with a son. Anakin, stunned, assures Neeja that he’s secret is save with him by telling the Jedi Master that he is married to Padme.

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