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Flashback: Gunpowder Green

April 29, 2007

The 2nd in the series

Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs The Indigo Tea Shop, Charleston’s favorite spot of tea, has just come out with it’s latest flavor: Gunpowder Green. Theodosia Browning cannot wait to hear its praises as it is unveiled at the annual yacht race. But when she hears the crack of an antique gun meant to end the race, a member of Charleston’s elite falls dead. Theo has a hunch that his demise was no accident.

2nd in the Tea Shop Mystery series.
Author: Laura Childs
ISBN: 0-425-18405-6 (Berkley)
Finished: 11 June 2006
Who: Theodosia Browning
When: This book is set in April, six months after the first book.

Though the Tea Shop mystery series is not a humorous one, so far I am enjoying the genteel behavior and setting.

Once again, Theo is completely off-track with her investigation. She is getting better though. She realized she had overlooked a suspect and tried to get a dirt sample from said person’s garden once she realized her mistake.

In an interesting twist, two of Theo’s suspects are guilty of something other than the murder of Oliver Dixon. She accidently helped nab them when she tricked the young handyman into coming to Timothy Neville’s Garden Fest kick-off party when he should have been standing lookout. The author wisely chose not to make the young widow the culprit, though she was good as a red herring. I was sure it was either Mr. Loard or Booth.

Theo’s been dating Jory Davis, sporadically, for the last six month. Much to my disappointment, he was barely in the book. He had gone to New York on business. It took something away from my enjoyment of the book.

Enjoyed it!

Enjoyed it!

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