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Flashback: Sundays are for Murder

April 26, 2007

Sundays are for Murder A serial killer who strikes on Sundays is back in business, and workaholic FBI agent Charlotte “Charly” Dow will do anything to catch him. For Charly, the investigation is personal. Her sister was one of the victims murdered during the psychopath’s vicious killing spree. The tragedy destroyed Charly’s family . . . even sending her mother into a mental institution. Now Charly has a new partner — agent Nick Brannigan, who is just as reluctant as she is when it comes to trusting other people. Nick has his own problems. He’s emotionally detached and has enough skeletons in his closet to keep him from sleeping at night. However, investigating the serial killer keeps him plenty occupied, and Charly herself is fast turning into a compelling distraction.

Author: Marie Ferrarella
ISBN: 0-373-83687-2 (Harlequin)
Finished: 3 June 2006
Who: Charlotte “Charley” Dow and Nikolas Brannigan (FBI agents)

The author kept my interest. She balanced the story/plot and the relationship very well. She kept the focus on the murder mystery and she didn’t rush Charley and Nick into a intimate relationship. Their first kiss wasn’t until half way through the book (pg 172-173); their second didn’t happen for another sixty pages, and their first sexual encounter was another twenty pages after that. Their relationship developed realistically. The novel ended without a marriage proposal; however, it seems the author did write one (included in the back as a bonus feature). I’m glad the author chose not to have Nick propose. Considering what both characters had gone through and the relatively short time they’ve been together, it wasn’t very realistic and it wasn’t keeping with the personality of the characters.

I have some minor gripes, but the book was good overall.

Liked A Lot

Liked A Lot

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